It seems the more efficient our offices become, the harder it is to get any creative work done. The big ideas and breakthroughs require an entirely different kind of environment. One of solitude and peace. A place completely different from your standard “modern” conference center.

The peaceful and unique surroundings of The Outing Lodge allow for the change of pace necessary for your team to make those deep connections that can result in new and stimulating ideas.

Let the a walk through nature or meditation in front of the fire be what helps you reach those impacting moments.

All Inclusive Retreats Packages

The Outing Lodge provide meals and snacks that are home cooked with local ingredients. Simple food to feed the soul and mind. Dinner is usually served in a quiet, candle lit dining room. For more than 30 years we have hosted many Twin Cities companies and organizations’ retreats.

Day meetings can range from 2 guests to 50 guests,  with overnight accommodations for 7 (single occupancy) to  10 guests (double occupancy). Rates are per person and vary according to the size of the group and seasonally. Please email us for current pricing and availability.  More overnight accommodations available a short distance from the Lodge in Historic or Commercial Stillwater.

Outing Lodge, for 20 years the host of the Seven Pines Symposium:

Each year, the symposium tackles another one of physics’ enduring puzzles: the nature of the vacuum, the concept of a field, the meaning of time. The aim is not to resolve the mysteries but to seed new lines of inquiry says Roger Stuewer, a historian at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and founding chair of the symposium’s advisory board. “When we get the best people together,” he says, “ideas are planted that in some intangible way will influence what they do in the future.” Those germinating ideas are watered with a mellow Zinfandel and nourished with succulent steak.

Download the article from Science Magazine in PDF format:
Elite Retreat Takes the Measure Of a Weirdly Ordinary World

Last update: May, 2009 – View information and photos of Seven Pines Retreat, 2009

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